Vincere Group becomes Dustin

Dustin, a Nordic leading IT-partner, has acquired the Vincere Group as an important step in becoming the European IT powerhouse. Please read more below regarding how you as a customer will benefit from the merge. The first step in that journey is that the logo and corporate identity will change into Dustin by September 1st 2022 at the latest.

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Customer focus

High paced digitalisation increase the opportunities for companies but it also increase the complexity. The need for cloud services, mobility and security is rising. And while the complexity of IT increases, IT shifts from a tool and product to the heart of our customers' business. Companies need an IT-partner that keep them in the forefront.

Value added reseller

Companies need a reliable IT-partner who understands their needs and always supports them with the right IT-solution so they can realise their ambitions. We support our clients throughout the entire process: from needs analysis to the delivery of products and services. But also afterwards. By entering into a partnership, we can continuously deliver value on an IT-level, allowing our customers to always stay one step ahead of others.

By focusing on efficiency, optimising services, creating synergies and offering sustainable and circular solutions, we can emphasise our role as Value Added Reseller even more.

Dustin in the Benelux

Dustin was founded in Sweden in 1984 with floppy disks as the first best seller and has been active as an online IT pioneer since the mid-nineties. From 2007 Dustin has expanded through acquisitions in the Nordics, becoming the leading IT-partner. In 2018 Dustin took the first steps outside the Nordics with the acquisition of the former Vincere Group in the Netherlands and in 2021 with Centralpoint in the Benelux. With these aquistions the publicly listed Dustin has further expanded its offering and created a strong position for Dustin as a brand-independent reseller in the Nordics and Benelux market – building a European IT-powerhouse.